Jordan 10 Double Nickel matching shirt Double Nickel 10s sneaker tees shirts karmaloop streetwearJordan 10 Double Nickel matching shirt “Only 10s” Double Nickel Sneaker tees shirts

Shirt was designed to match the Jordan Retro 10 Double Nickel colorway. Featuring the Double Nickel 10 sole pattern. This shirt has a clever double meaning that makes it the perfect shirt to match with your Jordan 10 sneakers. I only mess with Jordan 10s or I only mess with dimes, models etc. This is a dope shirt to match with your Jordan Retro 10 Double Nickel. If you are looking for more clothing, sneaker tees, streetwear shirts to match your Jordan Retro Double Nickel sneakers, View the entire collection of matching apparel. Air Jordan 10 Double Nickel Matching Collection.

This shirt is available in sizes up to 3XL. Made of 100% cotton shirts and designed in the USA.


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